FLEX UNGER is the nome de plume of the composer Pasquale Cangiano Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1974 It was not till much later that the Flex Unger title Started to be used to describe musical output. It actually started as A band name but when Pasquale started to DJ around NYC Flex Unger Seemed to be the best name to DJ under. The Odd Couple character being a big Influence. The first music I made was around 1986 when I was given a tape recorder and Casio keyboard as a present from my mom. The only evidence of this music is on very early tapes That someday might be available on Black Rhombus. Shortly after turntables and a mixer Were acquired and many haphazard audio experiments were attempted from 1987 to 1989 Starting around 1990 I started to play trumpet highly influenced by Don Drummond and the Skatalites. Setting out to form a roots ska band instead forming the post punk band The Scheme and playing around Manhattan and Brooklyn within the local hardcore and punk community. The Scheme were a band from 1990 to 1993. From 1994 to 2007 I was active forming groups of my own and playing as a side man in others groups mainly on trumpet. Those groups include: The 78th St. Quartet, Flex Unger (the band) , Punyo, The Mumford Babbs Creative Music Squad, Black Kamakozzy Disco, Computa Roc, Pastel, Tony Pheenis and the Harmony Killers, The Ginnies, Water, Challenge, GOi!, As a sideman: The Asif Tasar Big Band, Blue Universe, Eye Door, Semi Gloss, The Suntanama, Egypt is the Magic Number, The Cool Runnings Band, Natalie Lebrect, Micheal Evans Orchestra, Steve Tintweiss's Space Light Band, Coach Fingers,

Flex Unger does DJ sets with live instruments! #djforhire #FlexUnger #DJ #livedub #dubmusic #djculture

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Flex Unger has Performed at: Barbes,The Bowery Ballroom,The Silent Barn,Three's Brewing,Avalon,Table50,Don Hills,Galapagos, Union Pool,The Pink Elephant,Pianos, Lycium,Living Room,Double Happiness, HappyEnding,BAM,TLA,MadameX,MercuryLounge, Tribe,StonePony,OrchardBar,KnittingFactory,

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